What is a Market Order?
It is a type of order that executes immediately at the best available price at the time of execution.


What is Force Align?
It is a feature of the portfolio management software that will align the open position for the selected instrument across the entire portfolio by adding/removing size to the position or even opening a position if Reduce Only is not selected.

– A has 1.2 PoB Ratio Long
– B has 0.5 PoB Ratio Long
– C has no open position
– D has 0.2 PoB Ratio Short

With Force Align you can align all positions to the desired PoB Ratio for either LONG or SHORT. If you choose LONG with 1.2 PoB Ratio, the following actions will automatically take place:

– A nothing will happen
– B if Reduce Only is unchecked the PoB Ratio will be increased to 1.2 (+0.7) otherwise nothing will happen
– C if Reduce Only is unchecked a long position will be opened with 1.2 PoB Ratio otherwise nothing will happen
– D if Reduce Only is unchecked the short will be closed and a long position with 1.2 PoB Ratio will be opened otherwise only the short will be closed.