NMC Portfolio Management Solution

made by traders for traders

We started the Partners program for trading groups aiming to improve their services but lack the necessary tools. With our Portfolio Management Solution, traders will be able to send any trade setup to all of their clients’ exchange accounts with just a click of a button!

  • Select the instrument
  • Choose a direction
  • Select the order type

The Trading Terminal was designed with simplicity, ease of use and fat finger protection in mind. That being said, by using our Trading Terminal you will be less prone to making mistakes and you will be able to send the trade much faster. Find out more about our cool features in the tutorials page.

There is no need to worry anymore about the position size and margin allocation for each client. We got you covered! Our Portfolio Management Solution ensures that the Position on Balance Ratio is the same for every account. You even have the possibility to select the Margin Allocation Percentage and the Leverage applied to it! Find out how this works by watching our tutorials.

  • Position on Balance Ratio
  • Margin Allocation Percentage
  • Leverage
  • Cross or Isolated
  • Stop Loss
  • Stop Entry
  • Take Profit
  • Partial Take Profit

Put your Stops and Take Profit (full or partial) at the same time with the market/limit orders. There is no need to wait anymore for your orders to get filled in order to set your Take Profit. The Portfolio Management Solution takes care of the sizing, you just need to input the Take Profit level and select full or partial.

Set your Stop Loss and Take Profit, enable Auto Break Even with Slippage Protection and enjoy the peace of mind because you have no reason to watch the market closely anymore. Watch our tutorials if you want to see how all of these wonderful features work together or go directly to pricing to choose the plan that fits your needs.

  • Automatic Break Even
  • Slippage Protection
  • Dynamic Take Profit
  • Weighted Take Profit

No Errors Detected
No Fat Fingers Detected
Briefing Report OK

Before being able to send the trade you will be shown a summary of the actions that will take place in the portfolio and a list of errors or fat finger mistakes, if any are detected.

API Slotsup to 128unlimited
API Calls1/s3/s
Execution Time1-2s<1s
BitMEX Ping0.5 ms0.5 ms
TradingView Strategy Automationnoyes
Portfolio Viewyesyes
Admin Terminalyesyes
Leverage Selectionyesyes
Margin Selectionyesyes
Market Orderyesyes
Force Alignnoyes
Limit Orderyesyes
Max. Count for Limit Orders/Send225
Slippage Protectionnoyes
Take Profityesyes
Partial Take Profitonly marketmarket & limit
Take Profit Daemonnoyes
Weighted Take Profitnoyes
Dynamic Take Profitnoyes
Auto Break Evennoyes