The Trading Software

Our trading software has 2 uses: it acts as a Trading Terminal, as its name suggests and also as a Portfolio Management software.

Thru the trading terminal we can trade any instrument and place any type of order that is supported by the chosen exchange.

  • Limit Buy/Sell
  • Market Buy/Sell
  • Stop Buy/Sell
  • Stop-Loss/Take-Profit
  • Trailing Stop (even if the exchange does not support this type of order)

Before entering a trade we will set the Stop-Loss (reduce only) and the level of profit after which the portfolio management software will automatically put the Stop-Loss in break-even.

  • Basically this is where the magic happens. Accounts have different balance size, they can vary from 0.2 BTC to more than 10 BTC and it is the management software’s job to make sure that the positions are symmetric over the entire portfolio. A client that has 10 BTC will have the same position size/balance ratio as a client that has 0.2 BTC and both of them will have the same leverage.
  • The management software is also in charge with calculating the profits, drawdowns, high-water mark, commission, and all of this with the possibility of withdrawing or adding funds without affecting the calculus.
  • The same software will also make sure that clients can not trade in the exchange account as long as the API Key is valid. If an order is placed or moved or a position is opened by the client, it will be closed automatically in less than a second by the management software.
  • Last but not least, it’s its job to put the Stop-Loss at break even level as soon as the required profit level has been reached.