The Commissioning

  • Clients pay for our services 25% from their profits each time their account is eligible for commissioning. We apply a high-water mark formula for calculating the profits because we consider that it is not fair to pay twice for the same performance or for poor performance. This means that your account will pay commission only after the amount that was paid for commission and the drawdown (if there is any), are recovered thru trading.
  • How do we apply the high-water mark formula? If you have 4 BTC profit and pay commission 1 BTC your account will be eligible for commissioning again only after we recover thru trading the 1 BTC you paid. If the account would have had 0.5 BTC drawdown after commissioning then the next time we could have commissioned it again it would have been only after the the 1.5 BTC were recovered thru trading. Withdrawals or deposit will not affect the calculus. Our script will know how much profit and drawdown your account had, how much you paid us and how much we have to recover in order for the account to be eligible for commissioning again.
  • Every Sunday at 23:59 UTC our portfolio management software will send an e-mail to each client containing the exact amount of BTC he has to pay and where to send it. The clients have 48 hours at their disposal to pay the commission. If the commission isn’t paid then trading and trade managing will be halted until the commission is paid.