Frequently asked questions

Will NewMexCapital staff ever ask for login credentials?

Our staff will NEVER ask for your login credentials. If you ever receive a message (via email, telegram, facebook, discord, twitter or any other way) requesting such info and is it created in such a manner that appears and insinuates to be from NewMexCapital, report it as spam and do not open or even download any documents attached to it.

What do you mean by "demo accounts"?

Demo accounts are those accounts that have a deposited balance between 0.02 and 0.1BTC. We call them demo because they are so small that we can’t even ask for the commission so we will only accept a limited number of these accounts.

How safe are my funds?

Your funds are as safe as are your exchange account and the e-mail address associated with it. If someone wants to withdraw your funds he or she must have access to your exchange account to request the withdraw and to your e-mail account to confirm it. If you have 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) enabled on both of the accounts then your funds should be quite safe.

Can NewMexCapital withdraw or steal my funds?

NO. NewMexCapital, thru the provided API Key, can only place trades in your exchange account. Furthermore we do not even accept API Keys that have withdrawal rights enabled.

How often do i have to pay the commission?

No more than once per week. Every Sunday at 23:59 our server will create a Profit/Loss report for each client and if the client’s account is eligible for commissioning he will receive a notification via e-mail with all the necessary details. The next payment notification will be generated on the first Sunday after the account is eligible for commissioning again.

How fast can i forfeit your service? Does this imply the withdrawal of the funds from the exchange?

You can forfeit our services at any time you want by simply deleting or disabling the API Key from your exchange account. This doesn’t imply withdrawing your funds and you can start trading on your own on the exchange.

How do i pay the commission?

Each client will have a unique Bitcoin address in which he will have to send (from his wallet or from the exchange account) the commission.

Can i withdraw my funds without paying the commission?

Yes, you can but this will lead to the termination of services in our exchange account. We strongly believe that if you are satisfied with our services you will pay the commission every time.

What do i risk if i let you trade for me?

Trading cryptocurrencies is very risky due to their volatility. Trading with leverage is even more riskier. Letting someone else to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage for you is the riskiest thing you can do and you can lose all the funds deposited in the exchange account.

What happens if NewMexCapital gets hacked?

If hackers gained access to our server they could control the trading portfolio and engage in very high leveraged trades to fill their orders in the opposite direction. If so, the accounts could lose their entire balance. Rest assured that we have taken all the necessary steps needed to prevent this from happening.

On what exchanges does NewMexCapital trade?

For now, only on BitMEX.

BitMEX Spam Warning

Sometimes accounts get marked by BitMEX as being spam. There is no need to worry and no action is needed from the client’s side.

Does the BitMEX order submission error affect our trading software?

Unfortunately it does but because we can submit more orders than is humanly possible there is a higher chance of our order to reach BitMEX’s trading engine.

I have a Stop Market order of 999999 contracts on the chart.

This Stop Market order is actually the Stop Loss for the open position and it is “reduce only”. This means that it will not be able to open a position if there is no opened position when the market hits it, it can only reduce a position to 0 (close it). Why so many contracts? It helps our trading software differentiate it from other types of orders.