Referral Program

Earn passive income

Help yourself by helping us. With our solution, earning passive income can become a reality. Recommend us to your friends and if any of them joins us you will receive the equivalent of 3% from their profits each time their account is eligible for commissioning.

3% may not be much but if the merged profit of your friends’ accounts is 40 BTC you will receive 1.2 BTC. Sometimes it pays to have friends.

With the earnings calculator you can make some estimations of how much you can earn or you can check how much you could have earned until today, based on our profit report.

If you have already referred someone then you can use the earnings tracker to see how much income you have passively generated.

In order to be able to refer someone first you will have to be our client for at least one week. We find it morally wrong to recommend a service that you haven’t used before.