What do we offer?

We offer a complete portfolio management solution that can control any number of cryptocurrency exchange accounts with single, centralised inputs sent through our trading terminal.

What do we do?

Technical Analysis

Our traders are constantly monitoring the market and patiently waiting for the best risk to reward ratio scenarios to occur. When FOMO or FUD kicks in the market they will know exactly what to do. They always wait for the market to come to them.

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Fundamental Analysis

Even though we believe that the price holds the truth we are still following the most used media outlets in the world for both cryptocurrency and classic financial markets just to be sure that we aren’t taken by surprise if FOMO or FUD kicks in.

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Manual Trading

With a single click we send the trade to all our customers’ accounts and no matter the size of the account they will all have the same position size related to their account balance, the same leverage and the same Stop-Loss and Take-Profit levels.

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Automated Trading

The algorithm is relentless and unbiased. It’s constantly scanning the market for the perfect entry. In volatile conditions it has over 80% accuracy. It will set Stop-Loss, Take-Profit and close the trade early if it senses that something is wrong.

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The Team

Our team is composed of professional traders, hardened by the FOREX market and programmers with expertise in software development.

While our traders are watching the market and waiting for the best entries, the software developers are closely monitoring the functionality of the trading software and constantly looking for ways to improve it.

The Trading Software

With our combined proficiency we have created a trading software that allows us to control any number of cryptocurrency exchange accounts thru API Keys.

Following many months of development and thorough testing, we are ready to trade for our clients in a professional manner.

From now on you will be able to passively generate profits in the cryptocurrency market without giving up control of your funds.

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Servers Location

When trading in multiple accounts timing is everything, especially in the cryptocurrency market where you can see moves of 5% in a matter of minutes. This is why you want your orders to be executed instantly, as if the exchange’s trading engine is in your living room.

We took this problem very seriously therefore the response time from our servers to the exchange’s trading engine is so small that we could say the trading engine is in our living room.

Profit Commission

You can let us trade for you at any time and without paying anything upfront.

The only thing that you will have to pay is 25% from your profits, calculated based on the high-water mark formula, at the end of the first week since the account became eligible for commissioning.

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You need us

  • you will never have to monitor the charts again
  • alarms will not wake you up in the middle of the night anymore
  • to hedge or not to hedge will stop being your primary worry
  • we provide the perfect solution for people that do not have the necessary skills, patience or time for trading

Profit Line Chart


If you are satisfied with our services tell your friends about us and increase your passively generated profits! You will receive the equivalent of 3% from the profit of every friend that joins us thru your referral link.

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Happy Clients


30 Day Profit


Profit since beginning

What do you need?

First of all you need to open an account on a supported cryptocurrency exchange thru our referral link. This will help us in two ways: you will benefit from a fee discount and we will receive a small percentage of the commission you pay for each trade. For now, the only supported exchange is BitMEX but in the near future we will add many more.


Minimum 0.02 BTC

Secondly, for us to be able to place trades in your exchange account you need to create an API Key with order rights (without withdrawal). This way you make sure that no one but you can withdraw the funds. Once you have done this, your account will be included in our portfolio and the trading software will synchronize all pending orders (Buys, Sell, Stop-Buy, Stop-Sell).


With Order rights.

Finally, you have to fund your exchange account with a minimum of 0.02 BTC. All the accounts that have between 0.02 and 0.1 BTC are treated as “Demo” accounts and there is a limited number of available slots for them.