What is NewMexCapital?


New Mex Capital is an automated portfolio management solution that controls any number of BitMEX accounts with single, centralised inputs generated by our trading engine.

What we do?

We are a team of professional traders and software engineers with expertise in trading financial markets and software development. With our combined proficiency we created a trading software with portofolio management interface. Following many months of development and thorough testing, we present our complete solution which allows our members to passively generate profit in a secure enviroment. The product we proudly present is a first in the crypto world and we welcome you to become part of our innovative project.

How does it work?

You need to create a BitMEX account and fund it with a minimum of 0.02 BTC. The next step is to create an API key only with TRADING rights, we do not need nor do we want withdrawal rights! We will not accept API keys that have withdrawal rights enabled. After this NEW MEX CAPITAL will trade on your behalf.

You will have full control of your account and you will be able to monitor the trades placed by our trading software. At the end of each week our system will automatically calculate your profit or loss and it will generate a payment request of 25% out of your profits. All you need to do is confirm it via e-mail. At any time you can choose to delete the API Key or to not pay the 25% commision.

You are in control of every move of your funds, all we can do is to place trades.

We require all accounts to be created using our BitMEX referral ID. This will benefit us and the client by giving him 10% trading fee discount.

Referral program

Invite your friends to join our project and you will receive 3% from their profits.

How do i start?

1. Create a new BitMEX account by clicking on this link: http://www.bitmex.com/register/ef5vSd

NOTE: accounts created without the referral link will not be taken into consideration.

2. Create a new API Key from your BitMEX account. Start by giving it a name, skip the CIDR option, be sure to select ORDER as Key Permissions, DO NOT check the Withdraw box, insert your 2FA, if you have activated it, and hit the “Create API Key” button. Save the ID and Secret, you are going to need them at the next step. NOTE : Do save your secret key on the spot – BitMex Website will show it only once. NOTE : Do save your secret key on the spot – BitMex Website will show it only once.

3. Go to NewMexCapital.io, register and wait for our e-mail or contact us directly on discord.

Features and Security

Clients can not trade on a managed account because the management software will automatically revert any manual trades made.

Profit commissioning is calculated using a fair “High-water mark” formula. High-water marks ensure that clients do not have to pay performance fees for poor performance, but more importantly, guarantee that clients do not pay performance-based fees twice for the same amount of performance. The fee is 25% of profits calculated automatically for each account at the end of the week. A snapshot of the account’s balance is taken every Sunday at 23:59 GMT and a withdrawal request is automatically generated in the client’s BitMEX account. The withdrawal request must be confirmed by the client because the API Key does not have withdrawal permissions. The client can see the amount (%) of BTC requested for withdrawal and at any moment he can cancel the request. If by Monday 23:59 GMT the payment is not confirmed trading will end on the account and all position will be closed at market price.

There is no reward without risk. Trading cryptocurrencies can be very lucrative although negative months can occur but his is how trading works. Returns can vary but the aim is to achieve a minimum 15% MoM in Bitcoin profits.

Our Team

Our team is composed of five highly experienced traders and analysts, with more than seven years of active trading of Forex markets each – responsible for accurate technical analysis of the markets plus development and monitoring the strategies of the trading engine, and two senior software engineers, who created and continuously improve the trading software and portfolio management software.

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